Golf Grips and the Size that Fits

Golf-GripsThe size of your golf grips can make or break your game. Majority of golfers find the standard sized grips adequate. There are also golf players who find undersize or oversize grips more to their liking. A suitable grip size allows the golfer to feel comfortable and at ease whenever he holds his golf club. To get the right size that fits your preference, you might need the expert advice of a professional golf player or a professional club maker. He will likely analyze your swing technique, hand size, and shot pattern.

If you are a beginner, it is advisable to consult a professional in choosing your grip size. You can be certain that you will get the grip size that’s right for you. You can also try the grip selector to find your size.

In the past, golf grips had only a few sizes to choose from. Golfers tend to choose the nearest size that they find comfortable or through build-up tape. Today, golfers get to choose the size from a wide array of golf grip sizes.


Know the Right Grip

There exists no one-grip-that-fits all golfers. The most suitable grip size for you might not be the most suitable to your friend and vice versa. Each golfer has his personal preferences when it comes to choosing the grips that fit.

You can try exploring the golf grip selector to choose the size that you find most comfortable. You need to narrow down your choices to get the most suitable grip size. After choosing the right one, you can visit your local golf retailer and try it.


The Best Grip for Wet Conditions

The cord golf grips are famous for being “all weather” grips. It is also good for hands that perspire a lot. Most golfers appreciate the cord material that practically pulls moisture away from the surface of the grips. It gives the golfer the best possible grip even if he plays in wet conditions. However, it is important to take note that all types of grip are waterproof.

If you are playing in wet conditions, then it is advisable to use a rain cover for your golf bag, a towel, and umbrella to make sure that your grips stay dry.


Take your Measurement

Golf GripsIt is advisable to replace the grips periodically and make sure that you are using the right size that can properly support your swing. Golf grips that are too small tend to create hooks. Grips that are too big tend to create slices. Incorrect grip size also speeds up the golf glove’s wear and tear. You can use a tape measure to get your precise hand measurements. This can help a lot in getting the right grip size.

Get your tape measure and wrap it around your glove hand to determine the size of your golf glove. Get a sizing chart for grips and compare your golf glove size to get the right grip size. If you wear a large glove, then your grip size should be mid-size or standard.

Take hold of your golf club using the right gripping technique. You will know that you have the right grip size if the tip of the middle and ring fingers barely touch the palm close to the thumb’s base when your glove hand is wrapped around the golf grip. You have a too small grip if your fingers seem to dig into your palm. You have a too large grip if you see a space between your palm and fingers.

You can use the information that you gathered when you go to your golf shop so they can choose the proper golf grips that you can use.


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